Guidelines When Submitting Graphics Files:
Production Ready Setup Files should be sent production ready, at 100% scale and all elements placed. File editing services are available for a fee of $75.00 hour.
  • Please convert fonts to outline or be sure to include the screen fonts and the printer fonts with your graphic files.
  • PMS or custom colors must be specified in the file.
  • All art on disk should include a hard copy layout.
  • If your design includes a die pattern, please include a printout of the design with the die pattern clearly noted.
  • Please include a hard copy list or directory structure of the files being submitted.
  • If your files are not actual size, please indicate the scale in which they were produced or the finished size.
Setup Guidelines:
Bleed: Include at least 2 inch bleed past the finished size.
Links: Include all placed or linked files, even if the files are embedded.
Fonts: Include all fonts used on the graphic even if all the type has been converted to outlines.
Color Format: Convert all RGB files to CMYK and if possible, submit a layered version of your file to assist in color correction.
Inks: Rich Black (Lowen TradeSource Standard) - C-30/M-30/Y-20/K-100
Applications and Formats: Design & Compression Software - All software versions are current and Mac or PC compatible.
Preferred Applications:
Adobe Illustrator: .ai, .pdf or .eps, layered, CMYK, Include ALL FONTS and linked images used in a separate folder.
Adobe Acrobat: pdf
Adobe InDesign: .indd, CMYK, Include ALL FONTS and linked images used in a separate folder.
Adobe Photoshop: Layered: .psd, .tiff, CMYK, Include ALL FONTS and linked images used in a separate folder. Unlayered: .tiff, .jpg or .eps, CMYK can only be sent at finish size @ 50-75 ppi. (These formats are acceptable ONLY if they are PRESS READY and not to be altered in any way).
Acceptable Applications:
  • CorelDraw
  • Quark Xpress
It is recommended that you compress your files before transmitting them to us using Stuffit, WinZip or other application to create a .zip, .hqx or .bin file.
Acceptable Types of Storage Media For File Submission
  • Memory Sticks
  • Portable Hard Drives
  • Flash Drives
Document Set-Up (Vector Files)
  • When using vector-based programs such as Illustrator, CorelDraw, files should be built as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible, not going under 1/8 scale. This reduces the amount of magnification to your file in the RIP stage.
  • Gradients tend to band when created in a vector based program, so if possible create any gradients in a raster based program such as PhotoShop and place them into your document.
  • If your files include placed images, the image files must accompany the parent file on your disk.
Document Set-Up (Raster-Files)
Being a raster-based program, text lacks clarity and sharpness, so we recommend building a composite file by placing your raster images in a vector program containing your type and graphics.
  • When using raster-based programs such as PhotoShop, ppi is the most common problem.
    These are some suggested recommendations for file set-up:
    • 1:1 Scale @ 50-75 ppi
    • 1/2 Scale @ 100 -150 ppi
    • 1/4 Scale @ 200-300 ppi
Preferred Method of Sending Files
When sending job files to Lowen TradeSource (by US MAIL, FED-X, UPS, DHL, etc.), include a full color printout (hard copy) along with your storage media.
Enclose a separate document with the following information. Send only the files necessary to produce your job.
  • Your company name, address and phone number
  • Lowen TradeSource sales representative/contact person
  • Your name or your company's contact person
  • Lowen TradeSource quote number if applicable
  • File name and size of file.
    Address Attention to:
    Lowen TradeSource
    (Customer Service Representative's Name)
    P.O. Box 1528
    Hutchinson, KS 67504-1528
    Contact Lowen TradeSource:
    If you have any questions that are not answered here, please contact us
    Phone: 866.477.7829
    Fax: 888.765.6936
    Acceptable Method Of Sending Files
    Upload: - Click on "Art File Upload"
    E-Mail: Files may be e-mailed only if the file size is 5MB or less.
    FTP: Please e-mail us at or call 866.477.7829 for instructions.
    For Fast Turn Around, Please Use The Upload Process.

    For FTP Support, please e-mail us at or call 866.477.7829

    Questions? Contact a Lowen TradeSource Customer Service Representative at 866.477.7829
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