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Free ground shipping is limited to the lower 48 states, excluding Alaska and Hawaii. Shipping rates will apply for Alaska, Hawaii and International customers.
You can view our requirements page here or in other answers below.
We have an in house Color specialist which makes it possible for us to deliver consistent color quality on every order, every time.
Our team is an extension of your team providing you with expert advice. We also offer direct contact with an artist for easy collaboration. Order and shipping confirmation and tracking is included so that you can follow your order from start to finish.
We offer premium 3M and Avery 2 mil cast vinyl films with laminate or clear coat; both of which qualify for the respective 3M MCS and Avery ICS Platinum warranties.

We have many other materials available on request. Please contact us for more details.
Volume material discounts from 3M and Avery

World-class production operation optimized for volume and efficiency
We have invested millions to optimize our operation for high-volume, high-speed processing which we pass on to you with 24-hour production for most orders.
Yes. The Lowen Installation Alliance is our national network of certified installers we utilize to coordinate application and removal of your graphics anywhere, anytime, within the United States and Canada. Your installations will be managed by a dedicated Installation Specialist with the support of our team of experts.

To learn more go to Lowen Certified
Laminate is an additional film layer applied over the printed ink that provides UV inhibitors and protects against abrasion. Laminate also comes in a variety of finishes such as gloss, luster, and matte. Clear coat is a liquid coating that includes UV inhibitors to protect the printed inks from prematurely fading for a significantly lower cost than film laminate. There are differences in warranties, depending on which option you choose.
Lowen TradeSource serves Sign and Graphics Professionals by producing high quality graphics for resale. We do not serve the general public or sell at retail. To protect our resale partners, we verify that you qualify as a Sign and Graphics Professional before you have access to our low wholesale prices and online ordering.
Include a low-resolution jpg/pdf of the images/layouts being submitted
Bleed: Include at least 2-inch bleed past the finished size.
Links: Include all placed or linked files, even if the files are embedded. If placing a low resolution link in a file, be sure to include a high-resolution file with the same name in your folder for production replacement.
Fonts: Be sure to include the font package with your graphics file(s).
Layered artwork: Submit a layered version of your file to assist in any needed color correction or element changes.
Overprint Fill: Do not use this option in your artwork: That selection, on any layer, will not process correctly.
Colors: PMS or custom colors must be specified in the file. If color is critical, indicate color space/color settings used to create artwork.
Scale: If your files are not actual size, please indicate the finished size or the scale in which they were created. It is important that artwork can be scaled to desired size.
Cut to Shape: If your design includes a die pattern, please include a printout of the design with the die pattern clearly noted. Also include the die pattern on its own layer in the digital file.
Preferred Applications:
  • Adobe Illustrator: .ai, .pdf or .eps, layered, CMYK. Include all fonts and linked images in a separate folder.
  • Adobe Acrobat: editable pdf
  • Adobe Photoshop:
    • Layered: .psd, .tiff, CMYK. Include all fonts and linked images in a separate folder.
    • Unlayered: .tiff, .jpg or CMYK can only be sent at finish size @ 50-75 ppi. (Unlayered formats are acceptable ONLY if they are PRESS READY and not to be altered in any way).

Acceptable Applications:
  • Adobe InDesign: .indd, CMYK, Include all fonts and linked images in a separate folder.

Unacceptable Applications/Formats:
  • Microsoft Office: .docx/.doc .pub .xlsx .ppt/.pptx
  • Keynote: .keynote
  • Numbers: .numbers
  • Pages: .pages
When using vector-based programs such as Illustrator, files should be built as close to a 1:1 ratio as possible, not going under 1/8 scale. This reduces the amount of magnification to your file in the RIP stage.

Gradients tend to band when created in a vector based program. If possible, create any gradients in a raster based program such as Photoshop and place them into your vector document

If your files include placed images, the image files must accompany the parent file
Being a raster-based program, text lacks clarity and sharpness, so we recommend building a composite file by placing your raster images in a vector program containing your type and graphics.

When using raster-based programs such as Photoshop, low ppi is the most common problem. Suggested ppi:
  • 1:1 Scale - 50-75 ppi
  • 1:2 Scale - 100-150 ppi
  • 1:4 Scale - 200-300 ppi

It is not necessary to make your files with higher resolution than suggested. Please keep your files to a manageable size.
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